The LAMP stack (part one)

The LAMP is where most of it begins It’s been such a long time I don’t write anything here. I’ve been writing, scribbling notes here and there, journaling every now and then. Taking notes, hundreds of notes for upcoming articles. But that’s about it. Nothing is coming alive. I’m sorry for that. I took the … Continue reading The LAMP stack (part one)

Azure Resume Challenge

I’ve been willing to do this one since I first saw it last year. Forrest Brazeal, from A Cloud Guru, had the brilliant idea of the Cloud Resume Challenge and I loved it. But it was on AWS, and I didn’t have any experience with AWS. I wanted to try and adapt the challenge to … Continue reading Azure Resume Challenge

Git and Visual Studio Code

It’s been a looong time since I last wrote something here. I was so excited about the blog, and about sharing my journey. But then a lot of stuff happened. I lost focus.and motivation. I kept studying, though. I took the Azure Administrator certification exam, and passed. I took the Terraform Associate exam, and passed … Continue reading Git and Visual Studio Code

Terraform: Storing Terraform State in Azure Storage

Terraform is arguably one of the most popular tools these days. It seems that everyone is using it! It’s a very powerful tool, and definitely a game changer. Let’s talk about it a little bit, and get started with a simple project. Infrastructure as Code Terraform is Hashicorp’s infrastructure as Code tool. It’s used for … Continue reading Terraform: Storing Terraform State in Azure Storage


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