Azure Resume Challenge

I’ve been willing to do this one since I first saw it last year. Forrest Brazeal, from A Cloud Guru, had the brilliant idea of the Cloud Resume Challenge and I loved it. But it was on AWS, and I didn’t have any experience with AWS. I wanted to try and adapt the challenge to … Continue reading Azure Resume Challenge

Git and Visual Studio Code

It’s been a looong time since I last wrote something here. I was so excited about the blog, and about sharing my journey. But then a lot of stuff happened. I lost focus.and motivation. I kept studying, though. I took the Azure Administrator certification exam, and passed. I took the Terraform Associate exam, and passed … Continue reading Git and Visual Studio Code

Terraform: Storing Terraform State in Azure Storage

Terraform is arguably one of the most popular tools these days. It seems that everyone is using it! It’s a very powerful tool, and definitely a game changer. Let’s talk about it a little bit, and get started with a simple project. Infrastructure as Code Terraform is Hashicorp’s infrastructure as Code tool. It’s used for … Continue reading Terraform: Storing Terraform State in Azure Storage


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